Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History



Laurel’s quote goes: well behaved women seldom make history. But when a woman does speak out about something she believes in, she is often shunned by her friends, her family, and society. Do you really want her to speak out or be silent instead? Will you support her if she does take a stance and is bold in her conviction?

They=>society=>parents=>friends=>family train us to be silent. Keep your head down and do what you’re “supposed” to do. That teaching stifles a woman’s spirit. Standing up is a natural quality for a woman. Thats what women do. We stand. The moment we are taught not to stand is the moment we become unlike our nature selves. And eventually our spirits will cry out and demand to be seen and heard. Once this occurs, the response from everyone else is that there’s a problem with the woman; she’s crazy, she’s loud, she needs to sit down, shut up, and recognize her place. When in reality the woman is demanding to be seen and heard – to be remembered and respected.

So the next time you utter this quote with pride, male or female, think of the last time you stifled a woman who was speaking up for herself. A woman who was standing up and taking a stance on a matter that was important to her. Be careful in telling her to sit down and shut up. She’s making history. It may not look like your definition of history, but to her it is everything.


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